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Ms Debbie White
Faculty of Sciences, Biological & Physical Sciences
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Bat fat: body composition analysis by total body electrical conductivity in northern long-eared bats
  2. Modulation of leukocyte hsp70 expression by gender, menstrual cycle phase and oral contraceptives
  3. Adrenaline, insulin and glucagon do not have acute effects on plasma leptin levels in sheep: development and characterisation of an ovine leptin ELISA
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  5. Circulating leptin concentrations are positively related to leptin messenger RNA expression in the adipose tissue of fetal sheep in the pregnant ewe fed at or below maintenance energy requirements during late gestation
  6. Leptin is a signal of fetal adiposity in pregnant ewes fed at or above maintenance energy requirements
  7. Echinacea induced hsp70 alterations in leukocytes
  8. Echinacea induced hsp70 alterations in leukocytes
  9. Lipid mediators and inflammation in glucose intolerance and insulin resistance
  10. The DOCA-salt hypertensive rat as a model of cardiovascular oxidative and inflammatory stress