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Mr Xiaoxun Sun
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Satisfying privacy requirements before data anonymization
  2. An approximate microaggregation approach for microdata protection
  3. Multi-level delegations with trust management in access control systems
  4. Injecting purpose and trust into data anonymisation
  5. On the identity anonymization of high-dimensional rating data
  6. Finding nucleolus of flow game
  7. Privacy preserving data sharing in data mining environment
  8. Publishing anonymous survey rating data
  9. Validating privacy requirements in large survey rating data
  10. Algorithms for core stability, core largeness, exactness, and extendability of flow games

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1An efficient hash-based algorithm for minimal k-anonymity
2(p+, α)-sensitive k-anonymity: a new enhanced privacy protection model
3On the complexity of restricted k-anonymity problem
4Optimal privacy-aware path in hippocratic databases
5L-diversity based dynamic update for large time-evolving microdata
6Enhanced p-sensitive k-anonymity models for privacy preserving data publishing
7Priority driven K-anonymisation for privacy protection
8Extended K-anonymity models against attribute disclosure
9Privacy preserving data sharing in data mining environment
10Privacy-aware access control with trust management in web service