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Dr Nathan Downs
Pro Vice-Chancellor's Office (Research)
University of Southern Queensland

Research Interests: Ultraviolet Photobiology, Public Health, Science Education

BEng(Hons) BEd MPhil PhD

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  1. Measurements of occupational ultraviolet exposure and the implications of timetabled yard duty for school teachers in Queensland, Australia: preliminary results
  2. Evaluation of the cloudy sky solar UVA radiation exposures
  3. Educating the younger generation (and the public) in UV effects with a simple experiment
  4. Actinic exposure film dosimetry: indicators of occupational exposure risk for office workers and school teachers
  5. Seasonal variations in the subsurface ultraviolet-B on an inshore Pacific coral reef ecosystem
  6. Making small-scale classroom greenhouse gas flux calculations using a handmade gas capture hood
  7. Dosimetric investigation of the solar erythemal UV radiation protection provided by beards and moustaches
  8. A practical science investigation for middle school students: designing a simple cost effective chemical solar radiation dosimeter
  9. Determination of the usage of shade structures via a dosimetry technique
  10. Influence of high levels of cloud cover on vitamin D effective and erythemal solar UV irradiances