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Dr Melissa Johnson Morgan
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Conceptualising a framework for sustainable decision making for sport funding in regional government
  2. The effects of cooperative learning on students’ perceptions of empowerment in accounting course
  3. A comparison of Libyan and Australian students' perceptions of empowerment in accounting courses
  4. The effects of cooperative learning on students' empowerment and professional accounting competencies in introductory accounting course
  5. A comparison study of Libyan and Australian accounting students in their perceptions of empowerment
  6. A sport celebrity brand image: a conceptual model
  7. Sustainability of sport in regional Australia: conceptualising a framework for analysis and decision making
  8. The relationships between students' empowerment, students' performance, accounting course perceptions and classroom instruction in accounting
  9. Conceptualising a framework for sport sustainability analysis in regional local governments
  10. Enhancing customer loyalty to shopping centres through special event entertainment: the mediating role of hedonic value?

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1Teenage motivations for sport related consumption in Australia
2Sponsorship leveraging improves consumer attitudes and purchase intentions towards the sponsoring brand - but is it relevant for FMCG packaging?
3More than just the media: considering the role of public relations in the creation of sporting celebrity and the management of fan expectations
4The impact of negative publicity on: an individual sporting celebrity's brand DNA; the brand DNA of their associated team and/or sport; and attitudes of their sponsors and partners
5The effect of sponsorship endorsed packaging on consumer attitudes: a conceptual enquiry
6Scandals, sports and sponsors: what impact do sport celebrity transgressions have on consumer's perceptions of the celebrity's brand image and the brand image of their sponsors?
7Sponsorship of fast moving consumer goods - does packaging endorsement contribute to brand attitude?
8The impact of structure on marketing success in Australian Rules Football clubs
9The relationship between organisational structure and marketing success: an analysis of Australian Rules Football clubs
10The impact of parental style on sports consumption preferences of teenagers: an exploratory investigation in the Asia Pacific region