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Assoc Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Destination segmentation: a recommended two-step approach
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  7. Segmentation: a tourism stakeholder view
  8. Challenging first year marketing students using a tournament style competition
  9. Editorial [to special issue of the Journal of Management & Organization]
  10. Investigating strategy use for a single choice decision

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1Corporate social responsibility and bank customer satisfaction: a research agenda
2Segmentation: a tourism stakeholder view
3Student views on corporate social responsibility in an Australian fast food context
4Insights into how regional tourism operators view their markets
5The buck stops here: should we consider performance rather than corporate social responsibility?
6Organic food: observations of Chinese purchasing behaviours
7Tourism community views on destination positioning: a case study
8Decisions, decisions, decisions: multiple pathways to choice
9Lessons learned from renewable electricity marketing attempts: a case study
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