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Assoc Prof David Buttsworth
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Hot wall testing methodology for impulse facilities
  2. Near-ultraviolet emission spectroscopy of the Hayabusa reentry
  3. Radiometric temperature analysis of the Hayabusa spacecraft re-entry
  4. Application of photogrammetry at USQ hypersonic wind tunnel
  5. Deflection of a pretensioned circular diaphragm due to aerothermal loading
  6. Optically addressed pressure sensors for transient gas dynamics: calibration of a preliminary design
  7. Reducing the mechanical hysteresis problem in optically-addressed diaphragm pressure sensors
  8. Sampling, quantization and computational aspects of the quadrature lock-in amplifier
  9. Near ultraviolet emission spectroscopy of the Hayabusa re-entry
  10. Visible and near infrared spectroscopy of Hayabusa re-entry using semi-autonomous tracking