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Mr Peter Schouten
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Seasonal variations in the subsurface ultraviolet-B on an inshore Pacific coral reef ecosystem
  2. Making small-scale classroom greenhouse gas flux calculations using a handmade gas capture hood
  3. Underwater deployment of the polyphenylene oxide dosimeter combined with a neutral density filter to measure long-term solar UVB exposures
  4. Characterisation and evaluation of a miniaturised polyphenylene oxide dosimeter for ultraviolet exposures
  5. A practical science investigation for middle school students: designing a simple cost effective chemical solar radiation dosimeter
  6. Annual measurement of solar UVB at a reef site using a polyphenylene oxide dosimeter
  7. Alternative methods for the reduction of evaporation: practical exercises for the science classroom
  8. Basal and squamous cell carcinoma risks for golfers: an assessment of the influence of tee time for latitudes in the northern and southern hemispheres
  9. Variable wind speed and evaporation rates: a practical and modelling exercise for high school physics and multi-strand science classes
  10. Chemical films and monolayers on the water surface and their interactions with ultraviolet radiation: a pilot investigation