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Dr Harry Butler
University of Southern Queensland

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1Local source influences upon the structure of dust plumes in the Channel Country of Western Queensland, Australia
2Monitoring soil condition across Australia: recommendations from the expert panels
3Particle-size characteristics of the vertical dust profiles of two contrasting dust events in the Channel Country of western Queensland, Australia
4Kinky profiles: effects of soil surface heating upon vertical dust concentration profiles in the Channel Country of western Queensland, Australia
5A source-based model for describing dust concentrations during wind erosion events: an initial study
6Towards a simple Gaussian model to describe multiple source areas during wind erosion events
7Effects of spatial variations in source areas upon dust concentration profiles during three wind erosion events in Australia
8A flexible, extensible online testing system for mathematics
9Modelling wind erosion at national and regional scale using the CEMSYS model: national monitoring and evaluation framework, prepared for the National Land & Water Resources Audit
10Australian dust storms in 2002-2003 and their impact on Southern Ocean biogeochemistry