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Dr Jiuyong (John) Li
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Satisfying privacy requirements before data anonymization
  2. Effective pruning for the discovery of conditional functional dependencies
  3. Data privacy against composition attack
  4. An approximate microaggregation approach for microdata protection
  5. Injecting purpose and trust into data anonymisation
  6. Cloning for privacy protection in multiple independent data publications
  7. Efficient discovery of risk patterns in medical data
  8. Publishing anonymous survey rating data
  9. Validating privacy requirements in large survey rating data
  10. A robust ensemble classification method analysis

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1A framework for role-based group delegation in distributed environments
2(alpha, k)-anonymity: an enhanced k-anonymity model for privacy preserving data publishing
3Combined gene selection methods for microarray data analysis
4A comparative study of classification methods for microarray data analysis
5A maximally diversified multiple decision tree algorithm for microarray data classification
6A fast algorithm for finding correlation clusters in noise data
7Integrating Markov Model with clustering for predicting web page accesses
8A framework of combining Markov model with association rules for predicting web page accesses
9Current developments of k-anonymous data releasing
10Analysis of breast feeding data using data mining methods