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Professor Shahjahan Khan
Professor of Statistics
Faculty of Sciences
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Growth of statistics enhanced by computer and internet
  2. Shrinkage estimation of elliptical regression model under balanced loss function
  3. Linear model inference with non-sample prior information
  4. Slope estimator for the linear error-in-variables model
  5. Weighted reduced major axis method for regression model
  6. Statistics in planning and development
  7. Shrinkage estimation under multivariate elliptic models
  8. Bayesian prediction of matrix elliptical multivariate models with conjugate prior
  9. Empirical link between economic growth, energy consumption and CO2 emission in Australia
  10. Reflection method of estimation for measurement error models

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1Estimation of the intercept parameter for linear regression model with uncertain non-sample prior information
2Estimation of the slope parameter for linear regression model with uncertain prior information
3James-Stein estimators for the mean vector of a multivariate normal population based on independent samples from two normal populations with common covariance structure
4Prediction distribution for linear regression model with multivariate Student-t errors under the Bayesian approach
5Shrinkage estimators of intercept parameters of two simple regression models with suspected equal slopes
6Predictive distribution of regression vector and residual sum of squares for normal multiple regression model
7Test for intercept after pre-testing on slope - a robust method
8Sine square distribution: a new statistical model based on the sine function
9Prediction distribution for linear regression model with multivariate student-t errors
10Prediction distribution of future regression and residual sum of squares matrices for multivariate simple regression model with correlated normal responses