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  1. An exploratory study to identify factors that influence the use of electronic patient boards in Queensland Health
  2. An empirical study to determine factors that motivate and limit the implementation of ICT in healthcare environments
  3. Expectations, usability, and job satisfaction as determinants for the perceived benefits for the use of wireless technology in healthcare
  4. Enablers of implementing knowledge management systems for better organisational outcomes: an Indian study
  5. Wireless technology and clinical influences in healthcare setting: an Indian case study
  6. Does information and communication technology (ICT) facilitate knowledge management activities in the 21st century?
  7. Acoustical design of digital stethoscope for improved performance
  8. Role of wireless handheld technology by nurses in healthcare environment
  9. Phenomena of adoption of wireless handheld devices: a case of healthcare setting
  10. Principles and pressures in managing student attitudes to innovative mobile learning: a view from an Australian distance-education-intensive university

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1Introducing mobile technologies in support of healthcare
2Soft enablers of knowledge management in Malaysian companies: a qualitative study
3Preliminary investigation to explore perceptions of security issues associated with wireless technology in healthcare in Australia
4Efficacy and feasibility of a mobile ECG decision support system - a preliminary conceptual model
5A framework for the adoption of wireless technology in healthcare: an Indian study
6Transforming the practice of mobile learning: promoting pedagogical innovation through educational principles and strategies that work
7A qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of videoconferencing to support the training of orthopaedic registrars
8An exploratory study of mobile learning for tertiary education: a discussion with students
9Drivers of wireless technology in healthcare: an Indian study
10Technology management, data management, improved outcomes, efficiency and software limitation influencing the use of wireless technology for healthcare in Pakistan