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Professor Bryce Barker
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. The social construction of caves and rockshelters: Chauvet Cave (France) and Nawarla Gabarnmang (Australia)
  2. A 28,000 year old excavated painted rock from Nawarla Gabarnmang, northern Australia
  3. Otoia, ancestral village of the Kerewo: Modelling the historical emergence of Kerewo regional polities on the island of Goaribari, south coast of mainland Papua New Guinea
  4. How old are Australia's pictographs? A review of rock art dating
  5. Magnetometer surveys in archaeological research in Papua New Guinea: Keveoki 1, Gulf Province
  6. Lapita sites in the central province of mainland Papua New Guinea
  7. Archaeological evidence for south sea islander traditional ritual practice at Wunjunga, Ayr, central Queensland coast
  8. Nawarla Gabarnmang, a 45,180±910 cal BP site in Jawoyn Country, southwest Arnhem Land plateau
  9. Morphometric analyses of Batissa violacea shells from Emo (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea
  10. The Emo site (OAC), Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea: resolving long-standing questions of antiquity and implications for the history of the ancestral Hiri maritime trade