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Dr Latif Al-Hakim
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. The importance of trust in procurement practices and its impact on business performance: an empirical investigation from the perspective of the buyer-supplier Dyad
  2. Adapted lean thinking for healthcare services: an empirical study in the traditional Chinese hospital
  3. On surgical disruption: rating, expected operative time or actual wasted time - some comments on Gillepsie et al (2012)
  4. The effect of inter-organization trust and dependency on e-procurement adoption: A case of Malaysian manufacturers
  5. On the day of surgery: how long does preventable disruption prolong the patient journey?
  6. Ephone: embedded cardiac care device in mobile phone
  7. The influence of technological capability on inter-firm relationship performance: an exploratory study of Malaysian manufacturers
  8. Lean thinking for healthcare services: how far does information quality affect the emergency services?
  9. Trust and information quality: performance gap analysis
  10. The impact of preventable disruption on the operative time for minimally invasive surgery

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