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Dr Andrew Maxwell
Lecturer (Electronics and Communications Engineering)
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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1Use of wireless tablet PCs as an effective learning and teaching enhancement tool
2Universal acidity - conductivity relations in commercial bulk starter production
3Infrastructure for remotely accessible laboratories at the University of Southern Queensland
4Automated carbon dioxide measurement via miniaturised chemical reaction chambers under mechatronic control
5A pilot study on the relationship between mechanical and electrical loss tangents of glass powder reinforced epoxy composites post-cured in microwaves
6Method and apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity
7Learning at times and places chosen by the learner: adapting to study with mobile digital devices
8Relationship between electrical and mechanical loss tangents of hollow glass powder reinforced epoxy composites: a pilot study
9Engineering for primary school children: learning with robots in a remote access laboratory
10Review of e-submission and e-marking to provide quality feedback and minimise turn around times for external students