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Dr Alexander Kist
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Integrating enquiry-based learning pedagogies and remote access laboratory for STEM education
  2. An inverted remote laboratory - makers and gamers
  3. Estimation of round trip time in distributed real time system architectures
  4. Video-aware measurement-based admission control
  5. From individual Remote Access Laboratory implementations to institutional learning tools
  6. Peer assessment of recorded student presentations
  7. Performance evaluation of network architectures for collaborative real-time learning systems
  8. An overview of system architectures for remote laboratories
  9. Improving clinical practice outcomes for nurses with an interactive emulator
  10. Caring and sharing computer files with configuration management

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1Generalized Kruithof approach for traffic matrix estimation
2Comparison of intra-domain traffic engineering methods
3Erlang B as a performance model for IP flows
4A simple IP flow blocking model
5Internet pooling: routing for load distribution in access networks
6Dynamic routing for multi-homed enterprise gateways
7Work in progress: a novel method of creating an academic content repository
8Reconfiguration in multi class of services networks
9End-user’s tools towards an efficient electricity consumption: the dynamic smart grid
10SIP Message Overflow Routing Scheme (SMORS)