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Dr Paul Wen
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. An enhanced training algorithm for multilayer neural networks based on reference output of hidden layer
  2. Anaesthetic EEG signal denoise using improved nonlocal mean methods
  3. The value and cost of complexity in predictive modelling: role of tissue anisotropic conductivity and fibre tracts in neuromodulation
  4. Unsupervised classification of epileptic EEG signals with multi scale K-means algorithm
  5. Modified CC-LR algorithm with three diverse feature sets for motor imagery tasks classification in EEG based brain computer interface
  6. Comparisons between motor area EEG and all-channels EEG for two algorithms in motor imagery task classification
  7. Epileptogenic focus detection in intracranial EEG based on delay permutation entropy
  8. Assessment of electric field distribution in anisotropic cortical and subcortical regions under the influence of tDCS
  9. Identification of motor imagery tasks through CC–LR algorithm in brain computer interface
  10. An improved chaos method for monitoring the depth of anaesthesia

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2Automated vehicle classification system using advanced noise reduction technology
3Design of high-performance networked real-time control systems
4Tension control of a winding machine for rectangular coils
5Networked PID control system modeling and simulation using Markov chain
6Service-mining based on knowledge and customer databases
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8Time optimal and robust control of twin rotor system
9Bayesian model for brain computation
10Theoretical basis for identification of different anesthetic states based on routinely recorded EEG during operation