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Dr Jim Shiau
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Shakedown analysis of layered continuum
  2. Contaminated soil/groundwater remediation using Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) techniques
  3. Developing numerical models for the design of cantilever sheet pile wall
  4. A shakedown limit under Hertz contact pressure
  5. Teaching earth pressure theory using physical models: an example in civil engineering
  6. A study on the failure mechanisms of horizontal plate anchors in clay
  7. Undrained stability of footings on slopes
  8. Calculation of lateral earth pressures with layered backfill
  9. Modeling uplift of plate anchor
  10. 3D bearing capacity of shallow foundations located near deep excavation sites

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1Bearing capacity of footings near slopes
2Application of pseudo-static limit analysis in geotechnical earthquake design
3Developing physical models for geotechnical teaching and research
4Modelling the arching effect in active earth pressure problems
5Numerical investigation of shakedown residual stresses under moving surface loads
6Developing a track model for testing the road pavement under repeated moving surface loads
7Numerical analysis of passive earth pressures with interfaces
8Finite element limit analysis of passive earth resistance in cohesionless soils
9A FLAC model for classical earth pressure problems
10Numerical study of a shallow foundation located near 45 degree slopes