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  1. A space-place shift: is the digital space a place for learning for commencing students?
  2. Designing and evaluating an empowering online pedagogy for commencing students: a case study
  3. Producing pedagogy
  4. An associate dean's community of practice: rising to the leadership challenges of engaging distance students using blended models of learning and teaching
  5. Developing DART: a digital learning tool to facilitate equity and access in the contemporary higher education context
  6. Investigating intercultural communication across ethnic diversity: a preliminary study at University Malaysia Terengganu
  7. Factors that impact on rural and remote students’ participation in higher education
  8. Language, culture and social connectedness in our diverse landscape: connecting students and staff through principles of pedagogy in higher education
  9. An associate deans' community of practice: rising to the local leadership challenge to enhance learning and teaching quality
  10. From maintaining to sustaining: moving beyond binaries toward a framework for cultural sustainability in higher education

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1Preliminary essay plans: assisting students to engage academic literacy in a first year communication course
2Two models for facilitating cross-cultural communication and engagement
3Addressing diversity in higher education: two models for facilitating student engagement and mastery
4Communities of practice: a sphere of influence enhancing teaching and learning in higher education
5An integrative approach to building professional attributes in a first year nursing course: description and preliminary analysis of academic numeracy
6Re-conceptualising attrition and retention: integrating thoretical, research and student perspectives
7University journeys: alternative entry students and their construction of a means of succeeding in an unfamiliar university culture
8Engaging first year students: a collaborative approach implemented in a first year nursing course
9Reframing e-assessment: building professional nursing and academic attributes in a first year nursing course
10Learning approaches, personality and concepts of knowledge of first-year students: mature-age versus school leaver