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Mr Ian Eddington
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Constructivism, moral relativism and the economic and social dimensions of occupational health and safety: a challenge for industrialised countries
  2. OSH for development, edited by Kaj Elgstrand and Nils F. Petersson [Book review]
  3. Reconceptualising vocational education and training systems in broader policy domains: monitoring and evaluation
  4. Policy coordination: an analysis of issues
  5. Climate change communication in times of uncertainty
  6. New industry engagement mechanisms
  7. Methods and instruments for evaluation and monitoring of VET systems
  8. Occupational health and safety in sustainable development: small island developing states
  9. Integrating VET into other policy domains: some thoughts about monitoring and evaluation
  10. Lead poisoning in Australia 1890-2007

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1An historical explanation of the development of occupational health and safety and the important position it now occupies in society
2OH&S and sustainable development in Papua New Guinea
3Journal of Viet Nam Studies
4On the time lag between awareness of a public health problem and the enactment of preventive legislation
5Business ethics: boardroom pressures in an age of moral relativism
6Mankind, working life and occupational health: a contribution to Rio + 10
7Soul, mind and science education
8Lead levels in the deciduous teeth of Queensland children
9A proof that health and productivity benefits can be attained through noise attenuation in factories: a paper written to celebrate the visit of a Cultural Delegation from the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education to the People's Republic of China, April l986.
10Keynesian economics then and now: a paper written to celebrate the visit of a cultural delegation from the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, Australia, to the People’s Republic of China: April 1986