About USQ ePrints

USQ ePrints is an open-access electronic archive of research papers and other materials produced by USQ staff and students. It includes preprints and postprints of journal or conference papers, book chapters or sections, books, technical reports, working papers, theses and dissertations. The Collection Development Policy defines the scope of the archive.

It aims to preserve and showcase USQ's intellectual output.

The aim of an eprints archive is to preserve the intellectual output of an institution and make that output easily accessible. For authors, it provides a way to make their research available to the international scholarly community quickly and easily. For readers, it provides free access to international scholarly material, again quickly and easily.

USQ ePrints is similar to other international eprints initiatives. Institutional Repositories have been established by many universities and other organisations around the world over the last few years. Their development is part of an international movement to overcome the constraints and escalating costs of traditional scholarly publishing. Further information is available from:

Contact Information

The USQ ePrints project is managed by the Library, and a Management Committee representing the Library, Office of Research and Higher Degrees, Faculties and ITS. Further information about the project is available from the ePrints Coordinator.

Technical Information

USQ's ePrints archive is running on GNU EPrints 3 open archive software, developed by the University of Southampton, England and freely available from software.eprints.org.
This software generates eprints archives that are compatible with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting OAI 2.0 and is available HERE. [OAI feed]

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