Poster :: The Fascinator, flexible repository services

    The server: multiple views for multiple users

    Built with ARROW money on Apache Solr and Fedora Commons:

    • Show multiple web views (portals) from a single repository.

    • Demonstrate the benefits of a Jython-scriptable indexer.

    • Show workable access control using limit queries to constrain what user-groups can see.

    • Used in:




    Getting small-scale research onto the data grid


    Our goal: Make data management, exploration and routing as easy as PVC plumbing.


    But repository standards are not quite as plug-n-play as plastic plumbing just yet.

    We will be trialling an implementation of RIF-CS which is a collection description language designed to allow discovery of data sets.

    Other key standards: HTML, OAI-PMH, OAI-ORE, Atom Archive, AtomPub, SWORD, FRBR, OpenSearch, SRU/SRW.

    The Fascinator Desktop: eResearch collector

    The Fascinator desktop finds all your stuff:

    • Treats directories/folders as metadata in their own right.

    • Folksy tagging and formal ontology/taxonomy support.

    • Route data to departmental, institutional or global repositories.

    • Configurable to deal with ANY data type automatic conversion.

    • Configurable to deal with the way you work.

    • Similar ideas: Lensfield, MediaFlux.

    • Inspiration: Picasa, DigiKam and FieldHelper for data management, tagging and upload, MP3 players for browsing, Yahoo Pipes for pipiness, VuFind for faceting.


    Peter Sefton, Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland