Fungal planet description sheets: 868–950

Crous, P. W. and Carnegie, A. J. and Wingfield, M. J. and Sharma, R. and Mughini, G. and Noordeloos, M. E. and Santini, A. and Shouche, Y. S. and Bezerra, J. D. P. and Dima, B. and Guarnaccia, V. and Imrefi, I. and Jurjevic, Z. and Knapp, D. G. and Kovacs, G. M. and Magista, D. and Perrone, G. and Rama, T. and Rebriev, Y. A. and Shivas, R. G. ORCID: and Singh, S. M. and Souza-Motta, C. M. and Thangavel, R. and Adhapure, N. N. and Alexandrova, A. V. and Alfenas, A. C. and Alfenas, R. F. and Alvarado, P. and Alves, A. L. and Andrade, D. A. and Andrade, J. P. and Barbosa, R. N. and Barili, A. and Barnes, C. W. and Baseia, I. G. and Bellanger, J.-M. and Berlanas, C. and Bessette, A. E. and Bessette, A. R. and Biketova, A. Yu and Bomfim, F. S. and Brandrud, T. E. and Bransgrove, K. and Brito, A. C. Q. and Cano-Lira, J. F. and Cantillo, T. and Cavalcanti, A. D. and Cheewangkoon, R. and Chikowski, R. S. and Conforto, C. and Cordeiro, T. R. L. and Craine, J. D. and Cruz, R. and Damm, U. and de Oliveira, R. J. V. and de Souza, J. T. and de Souza, H. G. and Dearnaley, J. D. W. ORCID: and Dimitrov, R. A. and Dovana, F. and Erhard, A. and Esteve-Raventos, F. and Felix, C. R. and Ferisin, G. and Fernandes, R. A. and Ferreira, R. J. and Ferro, L. O. and Figueiredo, C. N. and Frank, J. L. and Freire, K. T. L. S. and Garcia, D. and Gene, J. and Gesiorska, A. and Gibertoni, T. B. and Gondra, R. A. G. and Gouliamova, D. E. and Gramaje, D. and Guard, F. and Gusmao, L. F. P. and Haitook, Y. and Hirooka, Y. and Houbraken, J. and Hubka, V. and Inamdar, A. and Iturriaga, T. and Iturrieta-Gonzalez, I. and Jadan, M. and Jiang, N. and Justo, A. and Kachalkin, A. V. and Kapitonov, V. I. and Karadelev, M. and Karakehian, J. and Kasuya, T. and Kautmanova, I. and Kruse, J. and Kusan, I. and Kuznetsova, T. A. and Landell, M. F. and Larsson, K.-H. and Lee, H. B. and Lima, D. X. and Lira, C. R. S. and Machado, A. R. and Madrid, H. and Magalhaes, O. M. C. and Majerova, H. and Malysheva, E. F. and Mapperson, R. R. and Marbach, P. A. S. and Martin, M. P. and Martin-Sanz, A. and Matocec, N. and McTaggart, A. R. and Mello, J. F. and Melo, R. F. R. and Mesic, A. and Michereff, S. J. and Miller, A. N. and Minoshima, A. and Molinero-Ruiz, L. and Morozova, O. V. and Mosoh, D. and Nabe, M. and Naik, R. and Nara, K. and Nascimento, S. S. and Neves, R. P. and Olariaga, I. and Oliveira, R. L. and Oliveira, T. G. L. and Ono, T. and Ordonez, M. E. and de M. Ottoni, A. and Paiva, L. M. and Pancorbo, F. and Pant, B. and Pawłowska, J. and Peterson, S. W. and Raudabaugh, D. B. and Rodriguez-Andrade, E. and Rubio, E. and Rusevska, K. and Santiago, A. L. C. M. A. and Santos, A. C. S. and Santos, C. and Sazanova, N. A. and Shah, S. and Sharma, J. and Silva, B. D. B. and Siquier, J. L. and Sonawane, M. S. and Stchigel, A. M. and Svetasheva, T. and Tamakeaw, N. and Telleria, M. T. and Tiago, P. V. and Tian, C. M. and Tkalcec, Z. and Tomashevskaya, M. A. and Truong, H. H. and Vecherskii, M. V. and Visagie, C. M. and Vizzini, A. and Yilmaz, N. and Zmitrovich, I. V. and Zvyagina, E. A. and Boekhout, T. and Kehlet, T. and Laessoe, T. and Groenewald, J. Z. (2019) Fungal planet description sheets: 868–950. Persoonia, 42. pp. 291-473. ISSN 0031-5850

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Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Australia, Chaetomella pseudocircinoseta and Coniella pseudodiospyri on Eucalyptus microcorys leaves, Cladophialophora eucalypti, Teratosphaeria dunnii and Vermiculariopsiella dunnii on Eucalyptus dunnii leaves, Cylindrium grande and Hypsotheca eucalyptorum on Eucalyptus grandis leaves, Elsinoe salignae on Eucalyptus saligna leaves, Marasmius lebeliae on litter of regenerating subtropical rainforest, Phialoseptomonium eucalypti (incl. Phialoseptomonium gen. nov.) on Eucalyptus grandis × camaldulensis leaves, Phlogicylindrium pawpawense on Eucalyptus tereticornis leaves, Phyllosticta longicauda as an endophyte from healthy Eustrephus latifolius leaves, Pseudosydowia eucalyptorum on Eucalyptus sp. leaves, Saitozyma wallum on Banksia aemula leaves, Teratosphaeria henryi on Corymbia henryi leaves. Brazil, Aspergillus bezerrae, Backusella azygospora, Mariannaea terricola and Talaromyces pernambucoensis from soil, Calonectria matogrossensis on Eucalyptus urophylla leaves, Calvatia brasiliensis on soil, Carcinomyces nordestinensis on Bromelia antiacantha leaves, Dendryphiella stromaticola on small branches of an unidentified plant, Nigrospora brasiliensis on Nopalea cochenillifera leaves, Penicillium alagoense as a leaf endophyte on a Miconia sp., Podosordaria nigrobrunnea on dung, Spegazzinia bromeliacearum as a leaf endophyte on Tilandsia catimbauensis, Xylobolus brasiliensis on decaying wood. Bulgaria, Kazachstania molopis from the gut of the beetle Molops piceus. Croatia, Mollisia endocrystallina from a fallen decorticated Picea abies tree trunk. Ecuador, Hygrocybe rodomaculata on soil. Hungary, Alfoldia vorosii (incl. Alfoldia gen. nov.) from Juniperus communis roots, Kiskunsagia ubrizsyi (incl. Kiskunsagia gen. nov.) from Fumana procumbens roots. India, Aureobasidium tremulum as laboratory contaminant, Leucosporidium himalayensis and Naganishia indica from windblown dust on glaciers. Italy, Neodevriesia cycadicola on Cycas sp. leaves, Pseudocercospora pseudomyrticola on Myrtus communis leaves, Ramularia pistaciae on Pistacia lentiscus leaves, Neognomoniopsis quercina (incl. Neognomoniopsis gen. nov.) on Quercus ilex leaves. Japan, Diaporthe fructicola on Passiflora edulis × P. edulis f. flavicarpa fruit, Entoloma nipponicum on leaf litter in a mixed Cryptomeria japonica and Acer spp. forest. Macedonia, Astraeus macedonicus on soil. Malaysia, Fusicladium eucalyptigenum on Eucalyptus sp. twigs, Neoacrodontiella eucalypti (incl. Neoacrodontiella gen. nov.) on Eucalyptus urophylla leaves. Mozambique, Meliola gorongosensis on dead Philenoptera violacea leaflets. Nepal, Coniochaeta dendrobiicola from Dendriobium lognicornu roots. New Zealand, Neodevriesia sexualis and Thozetella neonivea on Archontophoenix cunninghamiana leaves. Norway, Calophoma sandfjordenica from a piece of board on a rocky shoreline, Clavaria parvispora on soil, Didymella finnmarkica from a piece of Pinus sylvestris driftwood. Poland, Sugiyamaella trypani from soil. Portugal, Colletotrichum feijoicola from Acca sellowiana. Russia, Crepidotus tobolensis on Populus tremula debris, Entoloma ekaterinae, Entoloma erhardii and Suillus gastroflavus on soil, Nakazawaea ambrosiae from the galleries of Ips typographus under the bark of Picea abies. Slovenia, Pluteus ludwigii on twigs of broadleaved trees. South Africa, Anungitiomyces stellenboschiensis (incl. Anungitiomyces gen. nov.) and Niesslia stellenboschiana on Eucalyptus sp. leaves, Beltraniella pseudoportoricensis on Podocarpus falcatus leaf litter, Corynespora encephalarti on Encephalartos sp. leaves, Cytospora pavettae on Pavetta revoluta leaves, Helminthosporium erythrinicola on Erythrina humeana leaves, Helminthosporium syzygii on a Syzygium sp. bark canker, Libertasomyces aloeticus on Aloe sp. leaves, Penicillium lunae from Musa sp. fruit, Phyllosticta lauridiae on Lauridia tetragona leaves, Pseudotruncatella bolusanthi (incl. Pseudotruncatellaceae fam. nov.) and Dactylella bolusanthi on Bolusanthus speciosus leaves. Spain, Apenidiella foetida on submerged plant debris, Inocybe grammatoides on Quercus ilex subsp. ilex forest humus, Ossicaulis salomii on soil, Phialemonium guarroi from soil. Thailand, Pantospora chromolaenae on Chromolaena odorata leaves. Ukraine, Cadophora helianthi from Helianthus annuus stems. USA, Boletus pseudopinophilus on soil under slash pine, Botryotrichum foricae, Penicillium americanum and Penicillium minnesotense from air. Vietnam, Lycoperdon vietnamense on soil. Morphological and culture characteristics are supported by DNA barcodes.

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