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Electronic Proceedings : THE UNAUSTRALIA PAPERS

ISBN 1740882539. NB papers were refereed through a double blind peer review process and constitute DEST approved publications. The conference meets the criteria that it is of national and international significance. © Individual Authors, 2006.


  1. Virtual Unaustralia: Videogames and Australia’s Colonial History, Thomas H. Apperley (University of Melbourne)

  2. Border protection between Australia and Un-Australia: (Or why I am an internally displaced person), by James Arvanitakis (University of Western Sydney)

  3. The Detail: Setting Fashion Systems in Motion, by Prue Black (University of Technology, Sydney)

  4. Wolf Creek: An Unaustralian Story?, by Gemma Blackwood (University of Melbourne)

  5. Between a Trapdoor Spider and a Death Adder: Sydney Tonight versus In Melbourne Tonight, by Susan Bye (La Trobe University)

  6. Bipolar (Un)patriots: national identity, ethnic identity and the 2006 FIFA World Cup, by Jessica Carniel (University of Melbourne)

  7. Re-Writing the Australian: towards a new Australian poetic, by Stuart Cooke (University of Technology, Sydney)

  8. Let’s We Forget: Responsibility and the Archive Under Howard, by Grayson Cooke  (Central Queensland University)

  9. The Australian-ness of Australian Fashion and Dress, by Jennifer Craik (University of Canberra)

  10. The Sivunth State: An Unsider's Perspuctive, by Charlotte Craw (Monash University)

  11. Tourism in the sublime: cultural colonization of Terra Australlis Incognita, by Katarina Damjanov (University of Melbourne)

  12. The ‘Bondi Boys’ – Un/Australian?, by Kristin Davis (Australian National University)

  13. Have You Checked the Children? Cyber Predator Laws and Very Strange Dangers, by Dean Durber

  14. Unity verses diversity, the social disablement of UnAustralian national Cinema during the 1990s, by Katie Ellis (Murdoch University)

  15. Fashion and social context in Un-Australia, by India Flint (RMIT University)

  16. Trainers: The Worlds at our Feet and the multiple investments in high performance shoe technology, by Alison Gill (University of Western Sydney)

  17. British and UnBritish fashion: Authoring National Identity in Anglo-Japanese Fashion Exports, by Alison L Goodrum (Manchester Metropolitan University)

  18. Play up! Play up! And play the game!, by Lelia Green (Edith Cowan University) and Ben Guinery (BDP)

  19. For The Sake Of Beauty, Becoming Ornament And Other Guilty Pleasures, by Kirsten Hudson

  20. John Howard’s  UnAustralia, by Carol Johnson (University of Adelaide)

  21. The Unstated, by Laurie Johnson (University of Southern Queensland)

  22. UnAustralian Values, by Anna Halafoff (Monash University)

  23. I’m the one that’s lead this charge: Alan Jones, Cronulla, and the theatre of White Australia, by Rachael Kendrick

  24. What size am I: Decoding women’s clothing size, by Kate Kennedy

  25. Mapping the Australian Archaic: Reflections on Black Medea, by Ivar Kvistad (Deakin University)

  26. Clothing and Identity – The Adoption of an Australian Uniform, by Marlene Little (University of Central England)

  27. Born Borg: UnBodies and Corporeal Riot in the Cyborg Subjectivity of UnAustralia, by Polly McGee (University of Tasmania)

  28. Securing the borders of UnAustralia: 'UnSpeak' and the construction of asylum seekers as UnAustralians, by Melinda McPherson (Monash University)

  29. John Howard's Body, by Paul Magee (University of Canberra)

  30. Inhabiting MySpace: ‘If you’re not on MySpace, you don’t exist’, by Pamela Martin-Lynch (Murdoch University)

  31. What is ‘Australian’ fashion photography? – A Dilemma, by Margaret Maynard (University of Queensland)

  32. Fairness Versus Choice: The Contested Discourses Of ‘Australian’ And ‘UnAustralian’ Values In The Industrial Relations Debate, by Kathie Muir (University of Adelaide)

  33. Earth, Landscape and Country, by Warwick Mules (Central Queensland University)

  34. Australian White Supremacy and the construction of the Australian landscape: the necessity to become un-Australian, by Mary O'Dowd (Monash University)

  35. Larrikins and Landscape: The quest to be the most Australian city, by Sandra Kaji-O’Grady (University of Technology, Sydney)

  36. Ecologies of Care: Belonging in Un/Australia, by Kim Satchell  (Southern Cross University)

  37. My island home is waiting for me: The Dreaming Festival and archipelago Australia, by Lisa Slater (University of Sydney)

  38. Monumentally Queer: Solemnity and Beat Convenience on Remembrance Driveway, by Stuart Stark (University of Canberra)

  39. Shedding the Shed, by Naomi Stead (University of Technology, Sydney)

  40. Undressing Kellerman, Uncovering Broadhurst: the Modern Woman and ‘UnAustralia’, by Jinna Tay and Christine Schmidt (Queensland University of Technology)

  41. 'If we don't see this film again, we won't be able to remember': Taking documentary records to Arnhem Land, by Martin Thomas (University of Sydney)

  42. Fair Go Fashion – Human Rights and Fair Trade in Australia, by Sue Thomas (RMIT University)

  43. Transitional Fears: Water, Surveillance and the Abject in Australia, by Bethaney Turner (University of Canberra)

  44. The Rise of the Media-real: Witnessing September 11 and the Discursive Construction of ‘Un-Western’ Behaviour, by Jody Vaile (University of Canberra)

  45. Re-thinking the Psychological Experience of Immigration: From Loss to Gain, by Julia Vassilieva (Monash University)

  46. The Unaustralia War: ironies, trajectories and paradoxes connected to and embedded within the Cronulla Beach Riots, Sydney (2005), by Ann Willis (University of Canberra)

  47. ‘exactly like where you are right now ... only much, much better’: art and human rights in Unaustralia, by Jen Webb (University of Canberra)



Keynote Addresses:

1. Unaustralian, by Klaus Neumann (Swinburne University)



1.CSAA Welcome to UNAUSTRALIA, by Paul Magee (University of Canberra)

2. Introduction to Jacques Rancière, by Paul Magee (University of Canberra)



Media Coverage:

1. "Un-Australia", Hack, Tripple J, ABC Youth Radio, Reporter: Alice Brennan.

December 7, 2006

Interviewees: Dr Klaus Neumann, Dr Paul Magee, JJJ vox pop.




2. "Conference debates the meaning of 'unAustralian'', PM, ABC Radio National, Reporter: Conor Duffy.

December 8, 2006.

Interviewees: Dr Klaus Neumann, Associate Professor Catharine Lumby.



3. "UNAUSTRALIA", Drive, ABC Canberra, Presenter: Louise Marr

December 8, 2006

Interviewee: Dr Paul Magee.


4. "Lured to the beast's lair", Gemma Blackwood, The Australian, Higher Education Supplement

December 6, 2006

"This is an edited extract from a paper to be given on Friday at UNAUSTRALIA, the Canberra conference of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. Gemma Blackwood is a PhD student in the department of English at the University ofMelbourne."



5. "Being UnAustralian", Australia Talks Back, ABC Radio National, Presenter: Paul Barclay.

November 29, 2006

Interviewees: Dr Kathie Muir, Dr Sarah Gillman, Clare Lloyd



6. "Giving up the Vine", Snitch, The Australian, Higher Education Supplement

November 29, 2006

'THE website for UNAUSTRALIA, the conference that kicks off in Canberra next week, offers an image that screams "cultural studies" [ ...] So far, so good, but the transgressive thrust of UNAUSTRALIA has been radically undercut by a naive realist [...],



7. "Un-Australian? Un-nice, un-necessary and un-fair", Suzy Freeman-Greene, The Age

November 13, 2006

'A more serious examination of the word's ironies will happen next month when the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia holds its annual conference [...]'



Print Proceedings:

Selected papers from the Fashion and Dress in UNAUSTRALIA workshop will be published in a special issue of the journal, Fashion Theory (Berg). A further set of papers, from the conference's refereed proceedings, will be published in a special issue of the journal Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies (Taylor and Francis).






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