Once again we would like to welcome you to the annual conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision. This is the 13th in the series and we hope that it will be as successful and enjoyable as the previous ones.  This conference has returned to its origins in Toowoomba, where previous conferences were held in 1994 and 1997.

The papers presented at this conference have survived a rigorous refereeing process, first as extended abstracts and then again as full manuscripts.  They have been given a final polish in the light of the second round of the reviewing process and a number will be revised yet again for inclusion in a book soon to be published by Springer Verlag.  Grateful thanks are owed to the international team of reviewers for their diligence in assessing the papers.

We have papers from many countries around the world, including Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.  Of course, many of our ‘old friends’ from previous conferences will be here and we extend a warm welcome to them too.

As in previous conferences, the title belies a wide variety of areas of applications and techniques and so it has been the usual hard struggle to get the papers into some sort of order so that meaningful session titles can be attempted. If you find a paper out of place, then please try and suggest where it might have gone!!

With four evenings of social events, there should be plentiful opportunities to meet old friends, make new acquaintances and maybe plot out some international collaborative projects.  Future plans include Xiamen in China for 2007 and Italy for 2008.

With all very best wishes,

John Billingsley

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