Creating New Linux Queuing Disciplines HOWTO

Stephen Braithwaite


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This explains how to write a new queuing discipline for Linux using the Linquede Linux Queuing Discipline Development Environment.

Table of Contents

Credits / Contributors
Prerequisites for building a Linux Queuing Discipline
Required Knowledge and Understanding
Hardware Requirements
Software Requirements
Linux Queuing Discipline Basics
Linux's interface to queueing disciplines
The Interface to your Queueing Discipline.
Why use a User Space Queueing Discipline Development Environment
Alternatives to Linquede
Open Source Virtual Machines
Setup and Installation
Overview of Linquede
Linquede fakes a kernel environment for a queuing discipline.
Files and Directories
Test Data
Format of the Input Data Files
Invoking the User Space Simulations
The Scripts Provided
Testing - TCP Traffic Generation
Capturing Data and Running it in Linquede
Further Information


This HOWTO explains an approach to creating a new queuing discipline on Linux. The author has made available a well documented template for the creation of Linux queuing disciplines and a simple queuing discipline development environment called Linquede (LINux QUEing discipline Development Environment). This HOWTO will assume the use of that template and Linquede. A person who has the prerequisite knowledge should easily be able to create his own queuing discipline on Linux using the environment, the template and this guide.

I have named my Linux Queuing Discipline Development Environment Linquede (LINux QUEing discipline Development Environment) so that it may be referred to in less than five words.


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Credits / Contributors

In this document, I have the pleasure of acknowledging my supervisor Dr Ron Addie.


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