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Pryde, Bernadette (2008) Bernadette Pryde 'Girl Clock' Australian feature film. [A Theatre collection]

Alderdice, Scott (2005) Clown Verona. [A Theatre collection]

McDonald, Janet (2006) Cultural Catchments Project. [A Theatre collection]

Alderdice, Scott (2006) The Doctor and Nursey Wursey's Most Amazing Hydrological Examination. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2007) Dr Mandi's 9 easy steps to romantic bliss. [A Theatre collection]

McDonald, Janet (2005) QUE project. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2005) Revolution of the mouth. [A Theatre collection]

Alderdice, Scott and Taylor-Smith, Carol and Chalmers, Morgan and Strahan, Christine and Poulton, Nigel and Andrews, Ben and Lyons, Katie and Janowicz, Sasha and O'Rourke, Lauren and Ellis, Hannah and Hunter, Christopher and Murphy, Kate and Curtin, Emily and Haegler, Shannon Shaniel and Raaen, Samantha and Fox, Lucy and Trenerry, Laura and Warburton, Toby and Widt, Jordana and Strambini, Jemima and Hillocks, Kate and Schwenke, Laura and MacDonald, Andrew and Smalley, Michael and Horstman, Bob and Panitz, Timothy and Howarth-Crewdson, Shane and Pawlyszyn, Tonia and Barlow, Maddie and Schutt, Jess and Fry, Linda and Joyce, M. J. and Nicholls, Riley and Williams, Sarah and Ascough, Ash and Collard, Greg and Di Pompo, Luisa and Linde, Tammy and Thomas, J. T. and Curran, Alyce and Hurst, Katie and Pirie, Steve and Blewonski, Fallon and Oborn, Marcus and Slade, Jai and Van Prooyen, Deanne and Webb, Jess and Kollasch, Sam and Woodcock, Anneke and Wedmaier, Jeanette (2011) Shakespeare in the Park: A Midsummer Night's Dream. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2010) Talking to terrorists. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2009) Totally over you. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2008) The rimers of Eldritch. [A Theatre collection]

Pryde, Bernadette (2007) The wild swans. [A Theatre collection]

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