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Assoc Prof Gerry Tehan
Sciences, Springfield
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Word length and age influences on forward and backward immediate serial recall
  2. Age differences in short term memory and the process of redintegration
  3. Building pathways to academic success: a practice report
  4. Backward recall and the word length effect
  5. Immunity to proactive interference is not a property of the focus of attention in working memory
  6. Utility of a computerised cognitive screen in MCI and depression in an older population
  7. Associative relatedness enhances recall and produces false memories in immediate serial recall
  8. Measuring episodic memory: a novel approach with an indefinite number of alternative forms
  9. Evidence for proactive interference in the focus of attention of working memory
  10. Retrieval plus scanning: does it occur?

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2Word length effects in long-term memory
3Phonological similarity and trace degradation in the serial recall task: when CAT helps RAT, but not MAN
4Articulatory loop explanations of memory span and pronunciation rate correspondences: a cautionary note
5Word length and phonological similarity effects in simple, complex and delayed serial recall tasks: implications for working memory
6Recalling a floor routine: the effects of skill and age on memory for order
7Creating proactive interference in immediate recall: building a dog from a dart, a mop and a fig
8The contribution to immediate serial recall of rehearsal, search speed, access to lexical memory, and phonological coding: an investigation at the construct level
9Individual differences in memory span: the contribution of rehearsal, access to lexical memory and output speed
10Lexicality and phonological similarity: a challenge for the retrieval-based account of serial recall?