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Assoc Prof Steven Raine
University of Southern Queensland

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1Effect of water quality on soil structure and infiltration under furrow irrigation
2Improving plants’ water use efficiency and potential impacts from soil structure change - research investment opportunities. Final report to the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation. CRCIF Report number 3.14/1
3Mapping and analysis of changes in the riparian landscape structure of the Lockyer Valley Catchment, Queensland, Australia
4Managing spatial and temporal variability in irrigated agriculture through adaptive control
5Spatial prioritisation of revegetation sites for dryland salinity management: an analytical framework using GIS
6Soil-water and solute movement under precision irrigation: knowledge gaps for managing sustainable root zones
7Identification and management of dispersive mine spoils
8Recent developments and strategies in the use of plant indicators for irrigation scheduling
9Irrigation application efficiency and deep drainage potential under surface irrigated cotton
10On-the-go machine vision sensing of cotton plant geometric parameters: first results