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Dr Andrew Hickey
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. New kids on the block: young people, the city and public pedagogies
  2. Cities of signs: learning the logic of urban spaces
  3. The critical aesthetic: living a critical ethnography of the everyday
  4. Incorporating indigenous knowledge into the curriculum: responses of science teacher educators
  5. Writing that matters: positioning cultural studies and criticality in the 'audit age'
  6. Knowledges and knowing: indigenous and alternative knowledges and the western canon
  7. When the street becomes a pedagogue
  8. Repatriating race: exorcising ethno-exclusion
  9. Visible whiteness: coming to terms with white racial identities
  10. Working visually in community identity ethnography

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1Autoethnography and teacher development
2Public pedagogies, place and identity: an ethnographic study of an emerging postmodern community
3Pedagogies of self: conscientising the personal to the social
4Signing the school in neoliberal times: the public pedagogy of being pedagogically public
5Standing up to racism: the 'Nigger Brown stand'
6Writing race: making meaning of white racial identity in initial teacher education
7Exploring elements for creating an online community of learners within a distance education course at the University of Southern Queensland
8Applying deconstruction: establishing a critical viewpoint
9Engaging community resource issues: the Toowoomba water futures debate
10(Re)presenting education: students, teachers, schools and the public imagination