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Dr Jayantha Epaarachchi
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Modal acoustic emission investigation for progressive failure monitoring in thin composite plates under tensile test
  2. Optimized FBG sensor network for efficient detection of a delamination in FRP structures
  3. Prediction of obsolete FBG sensor using ANN for efficient and robust operation of SHM systems
  4. Detecting delamination in a composite structure using an embedded FBG – AE hybrid system
  5. Non-velocity based analysis of passive ultrasonic signal for source lLocation detection in composite plates: a pilot study
  6. Modelling of tensile properties glass powder/epoxy composites post-cured in an oven and in microwaves
  7. Development of smart wind turbine blades
  8. An investigation of effective detection length of a localized micro-failure in a laminated thin composite plate using FBG sensor integrated AE system
  9. Develop and validate a biomechanical surrogate of the human thorax using corrugated sheets: a feasibility study
  10. Use of fixed wavelength Fibre-Bragg Grating (FBG) filters to capture time domain data from the distorted spectrum of an embedded FBG sensor to estimate strain with an artificial neural network

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1An empirical model for fatigue behavior prediction of glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP) composites for various stress ratios and test frequencies
2The development of a fatigue loading spectrum for small wind turbine blades
3Dynamic behavior of hybrid composite bridge girder
4A new cumulative fatigue damage model for glass fibre reinforced plastic composites under step/discrete loading
5Effects of static-fatigue (tension) on the tension-tension fatigue life of glass fibre reinforced plastic composites
6A study of estimation of damage accumulation of glass fibre reinforce plastic (GFRP) composites under a block loading situation
7An experimental investigation of the properties of cross-ply laminate used for manufacturing of small aircraft components
8Investigation of the use of near infrared FBG (830nm) sensors for monitoring the structural response of 0/90 woven cloth/CSM glass fibre/vynylester composite under static and fatigue loading
9Change of dynamic response of pultruded composite components used in advanced composite structures due to fatigue and fracture
10Investigation of embedded near infrared fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors (830 nm) in structural health monitoring of glass fibre composite structures