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Dr Ron Addie
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. A new teletraffic approach for network planning and evolution prediction
  2. How good (or bad) is shortest path routing in layered networks
  3. Optimal choice of test signals for linear channel estimation using second order statistics
  4. Cloud-based network simulator for next generation wireless technology (WiMAX and LTE)
  5. NetML: networking networks
  6. Five criteria for web-services security architecture
  7. Layered design of mobile backhaul networks
  8. Link dimensioning for fractional Brownian input
  9. Five examples of web-services for illustrating requirements for security architecture
  10. Optimizing multi-layered networks towards a transparently optical internet

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1A framework for role-based group delegation in distributed environments
2Implementing shortest job first order of service in the Internet
3Netml: a language and website for collaborative work on networks and their algorithms
4Aggregate flows: for efficient management of large flows in the internet
5Time variation characteristics of MIMO-OFDM broadband channels in populated indoor environments
6Peer-to-peer form based web information systems
7Comparing different approaches to the use of DiffServ in the internet
8Protecting small flows from large ones for quality of service
9Internet traffic modeling and future technology implications
10Asymptotically accurate flow completion time distributions under fair queueing