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Dr Ji Zhang
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. An innovative outlier detection method using localized thresholds
  2. Detecting global outliers from large distributed databases
  3. Advancements of outlier detection: a survey
  4. A self-stabilizing algorithm for finding a minimal K-dominating set in general networks
  5. Optimal timepoint sampling in high-throughput gene expression experiments
  6. Efficient and effective filtering of duplication detection in large database applications
  7. Positive influence dominating set in e-learning social networks
  8. A process provenance service system for scientific data analysis and sharing
  9. Privacy-aware access control with trust management in web service
  10. Web service management system for bioinformatics research: a case study

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1Towards outlier detection for high-dimensional data streams using projected outlier analysis strategy
2Image mining: issues, frameworks and techniques
3Semi-bipartite graph visualization for gene ontology networks
4FlowRecommender: a workflow recommendation technique for process provenance
5Image mining: trends and developments
6Anomaly detection in high-dimensional network data streams: a case study
7D-GridMST: clustering large distributed spatial databases
8A novel dimensionality reduction technique based on independent component analysis for modeling microarray gene expression data
9Bio-SENSE: semantic web services for bioinformatics provenance
10Grid-ODF: detecting outliers effectively and efficiently in large multi-dimensional databases