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Associate Professor Heather Zeppel
Mid Career Research Fellow
Office of Research
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. The ICLEI cities for climate protection programme: local government networks for urban climate governance
  2. Reclaiming identity and territory: events and indigenous culture
  3. Climate futures: carbon mitigation actions by Adelaide councils
  4. Climate change and tourism futures: responses by Australian tourism agencies
  5. Carbon mitigation by Queensland tourism enterprises
  6. Carbon action in Queensland
  7. Carbon mitigation actions by Queensland councils
  8. Climate change mitigation survey of Queensland councils: carbon footprint management
  9. Governing carbon mitigation and climate change within local councils: a case study of Adelaide, South Australia
  10. Climate change and tourism in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

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3Families in nature tourism: trends in holiday locations and activities
4Climate change and Australian tourism: a research bibliography
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6Green tourism futures: climate change responses by Australian government tourism agencies
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