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Dr Belal Yousif
Postdoctoral Research/Teaching Fellow (Mechanical and Mechatronics)
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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1Influence of material structure properties on sliding contact performance of CGRP composite
2The effects of load and velocity on friction and interface temperature of CGRP sliding against smooth stainless steel
3CNG-diesel engine performance and exhaust emission analysis with the aid of artificial neural network
4Adhesive wear and frictional behaviour of multilayered polyester composite based on betelnut fiber mats under wet contact conditions
5Adhesive wear and frictional characteristics of UHMWPE and HDPE sliding against different counterfaces under dry contact condition
6New technique measuring film thickness for tribological machines
7Fracture behaviour of glass fibre-reinforced polyester composite
8Performance and exhaust emission of a SI engine fuelled with potato waste ethanol and its blends with gasoline
9Wet adhesive wear characteristics of untreated oil palm fibre-reinforced polyester and treated oil palm fibre-reinforced polyester composites using the pin-on-disc and block-on-ring techniques
10The potential of using treated betelnut fibres as reinforcement for tribo-bio polymeric composites subjected to dry/wet contact conditions