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Dr Albert Kon-Fook Chong
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Application of photogrammetry at USQ hypersonic wind tunnel
  2. Low-cost compact high-speed camera for human motion study
  3. Reliability of a high accuracy image-based system for 3D modelling of the medial longitudinal arch during gait
  4. Energy-efficient technique for engineering structural monitoring in the dark
  5. An investigation of the 3-dimensional surface capture techniques of the human foot
  6. Virtual reality assessment of rugby lineout throw kinematics
  7. Exploiting HD camcorders for close-up human movement applications
  8. Deformation detection for ISKANDARnet
  9. A dense surface modelling technique for foot surface imaging
  10. 3D dynamic surface modelling of the foot and leg

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1Stereo-image capture tool for forensic mapping of surveillance video footage
2Close range photogrammetric analysis of the human spine
3Accuracy assessments of point cloud 3D registration method for high accuracy craniofacial mapping
4High-accuracy photogrammetric technique for human spine measurement
53D photogrammetric analysis of the load-bearing foot
6Photogrammetric-based security system
7Near-infrared camera for night surveillance applications
8Object-based classification of Ikonos imagery for mapping large-scale vegetation communities in urban areas
9A photogrammetric application in virtual sport training
10Field calibration of zoom cameras for two camera- photogrammetric applications