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Dr Andrew Wandel
Engineering and Surveying
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Conditional dissipation of scalars in homogeneous turbulence: closure for MMC modelling
  2. The development of MILD combustion open burner experimental setup
  3. Detail guide for CFD on the simulation of biogas combustion in bluff-body mild burner
  4. Mild combustion: the future for lean and clean combustion
  5. The analysis of recirculation zone and ignition position of non-premixed bluff-body for biogas mild combustion
  6. Hybrid multiple mapping conditioning modeling of local extinction
  7. Extinction predictors in turbulent sprays
  8. Student perceptions of teammates' performance: influence of team formation method
  9. A review of mild combustion and open furnace design consideration
  10. HCCI engine: numerical and experimental approach

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1Determining operational requirements to optimise monolayer performance on a farm dam via a 'Universal Design Framework'
2Towards adaptive operational requirements for optimal application of evaporation-suppressing monolayer to reservoirs via a 'universal design framework'
3Hydrogen and natural gas comparison in diesel HCCI engines -a review
4Which version art thou? Configuration management in engineering education
5Scaffolding distance learning in mathematics for engineering: identifying key troublesome knowledge
6Hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning modeling of a reacting mixing layer
7Experimental and modeling investigation of the performance characteristics on diesel HCCI with hydrogen additive - a review
8A ‘universal design framework’ for installation planning and operational management of evaporation-suppressing films on agricultural reservoirs
9Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flame expansion in fine sprays
10Analysis of data to develop models for spray combustion