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Dr Shahbaz Mushtaq
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University of Southern Queensland

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1Greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming inputs: a cross-country assessment
2The 2008 floods in Queensland: a case study of vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity
3Energy and water tradeoffs in enhancing food security: a selective international assessment
4Greenhouse gas implications of water reuse in the Upper Pumpanga River Integrated Irrigation System, Philippines
5Evaluating the impact of tax-for-fee reform (fei gai shui) on water resources and agriculture production in the Zhanghe irrigation system, China
6Examining economies of scale and cost-benefit of small multi-purpose storage ponds in the Zhanghe irrigation system, China
7Management of treated pulp and paper mill effluent to achieve zero discharge
8Conjunctive water management options: examples from economic assessment of system-level water savings through Liuyuankou Irrigation System, China
9Water reuse and cost-benefit of pumping at different spatial levels in a rice irrigation system in UPRIIS, Philippines
10Estimating potential costs and gains from an aquifer storage and recovery program in Australia