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Dr Karen Noble
University of Southern Queensland

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1Communities of practice: innovation in early childhood education and care teacher and practitioner preparation
2Engaging with images and stories: using a Learning Circle approach to develop agency of beginning 'at-risk' pre-service teachers
3Spatial imaginaries and the student learning journey in higher education: transition as a contested space
4Understanding workplace bullying in early childhood education contexts: safeguard the workplace to address burnout and stress
5Transitioning into university: 'interrupted' first year students problem-solving their way into study
6Sustaining and transforming collaborative research: principles and practices
7Considering collaborations in writing a research book: implications for sustaining a synergistic research team
8Creating international partnerships: rethinking attitudes towards establishing sustainable relationships in higher education
9The Flagstone experience: universities building stronger links to rural education communities through technological creativity
10FYI (First Year Infusion): a vaccine for the first year plague in a regional university