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Dr Kieran James
University of Southern Queensland

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1A critical theory and postmodernist approach to the teaching of accounting theory
2Did the goodwill accounting standard impose material economic consequences on Australian acquirers?
3Accounting professionalization amidst alternating politico-economic order of Ethiopia
4Racial biases in recruitment by accounting firms: the case of international Chinese applicants in Australia
5Accounting conservatism in Greater China: the influence of institutions and incentives
6Japanese culture and budgeting: a review of the literature and a limited pilot study to illustrate the research agenda
7A radical approach to accounting education: educating the whole person as a response to the business crises of tomorrow
8Institutional investors, political connection and audit quality in Malaysia
9Structural change in the music industry: a Marxist critique of public statements made by members of Metallica during the lawsuit against Napster
10A critical theory perspective on the pressures, contradictions and dilemmas faced by entry-level accounting academics