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  1. Introducing the mobile ECG system: using multi-touch function to support cardiac diagnosis
  2. Identifying effective management instruments and human behavioural changes to manage energy use and abate emissions at firm level
  3. Accounting information systems, Australasian edition
  4. Are there effective accounting ways to determining accurate accounting tools and methods to reporting emissions reduction?
  5. The development of internal auditing in Ethiopia: the role of institutional norms
  6. Corporate governance quality, incentive factors and voluntary corporate governance disclosures in annual reports of Malaysian publicly listed companies
  7. Towards a conceptual design for environmental and social cost identification and measurement system
  8. Accounting professionalization amidst alternating state ideology in Ethiopia
  9. Proactive fraud detection in enterprise systems
  10. Corporate governance quality and voluntary disclosures of corporate governance information: practices of listed Malaysian family controlled businesses

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1Efficacy and feasibility of a mobile ECG decision support system - a preliminary conceptual model
2Can competency skills for accounting students be internationally harmonised? An Indonesia application
3The impact of strategic orientation dimensions on business performance: a case study based on an international organisation
4Click go the students, click-click-click: the efficacy of a student response system for engaging students to improve feedback and performance
5The moderating effect of switching costs on the customer satisfaction-retention link: retail internet banking service in Hong Kong
6Accounting professionalization amidst alternating politico-economic order of Ethiopia
7Assessing the extent to which career development impacts employee commitment: a case study of the ICT industry in Hong Kong
8Electronic data interchange (EDI) adoption: a study of SMEs in Singapore
9Identifying system characteristics for development of a sustainability management accounting information system: towards a conceptual design for the manufacturing industry
10Sustainability management accounting system (SMAS): towards a conceptual design for the manufacturing industry