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Dr Kerry Withers
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Phylogenetic differences of mammalian basal metabolic rate are not explained by mitochondrial basal proton leak
  2. Behaviour of juvenile antechinus flavipes: a preliminary study
  3. Strain specific differences in parameters of energy balance are related to the onset of diet-induced obesity in young male mice
  4. Small mammal habitat preferences in Ravensbourne National Park, south-east Queensland
  5. Habitat preferences of small ground-dwelling mammals
  6. Mitochondrial proton conductance in skeletal muscle of a cold-exposed marsupial, Antechinus flavipes, is unlikely to be involved in adaptive non-shivering thermogenesis but displays increased sensitivity towards carbon-centered radicals
  7. Effects of hypothyroidism on myosin heavy chain composition and fibre types of fast skeletal muscles in a small marsupial, antechinus flavipes
  8. The effects of fasting and cold exposure on metabolic rate and mitochondrial proton leak in liver and skeletal muscle of an amphibian, the cane toad Bufo marinus
  9. Marsupial uncoupling protein 1 sheds light on the evolution of mammalian nonshivering thermogenesis
  10. Heterogeneity of α-cardiac myosin heavy chains in a small marsupial, Antechinus flavipes, and the effect of hypothyroidism on its ventricular myosins

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1Determining the age of adult wild dogs (Canis lupus dingo, C. l. domesticus and their hybrids): I. Pulp cavity/tooth width ratios
2The role of native rodents in seed dispersal and seed predation of the Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii)
3Measuring the density of dingo teeth with machine vision
4Application of machine vision technology to identification of oestrous in the Julia Creek dunnart (Sminthopsis douglasi)
5Identifying reproductive state of the Julia Creek dunnart Sminthopsis douglasi by behavioural observations
6Pesticide effects on body temperature of torpid/hibernating rodents (Peromyscus leucopus and Spermophilus tridecemlineatus)
7Use of pulp cavity/tooth width ratios to determine the age of adult wild dogs (Canis lupus dingo, C. l. domesticus and their hybrids)
8Uncoupling protein 2 and 3 in marsupials: identification, phylogeny and gene expression in response to cold and fasting in Antechinus flavipes
9A quest for the origin of mammal uncoupling proteins
10Skeletal muscle mitochondria as a source of non-shivering thermogenesis in the marsupial Anthechinus flavipes