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Assoc Prof Patrick Danaher
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Moving with the times: pedagogies for mobile students
  2. Principles and pressures in managing student attitudes to innovative mobile learning: a view from an Australian distance-education-intensive university
  3. Feeding back and enhancing authentic learning in quality course assessment design: locating information systems education in rigorous educational research
  4. Exploring a cross-institutional research collaboration and innovation: Deploying social software and Web 2.0 technologies to investigate online learning designs and interactions in two Australian universities
  5. Respectful, responsible and reciprocal ruralities research: approaching and positioning educational research differently within Australian rural communities
  6. Capacities, connections, capital and capabilities: considering bioecological and electrical engineering perspectives
  7. Creating and consolidating capacities among Australian show people
  8. Constructing capacities: building capabilities through learning and engagement
  9. The role of participants in education research: ethics, epistemologies, and methods
  10. Naming, framing and sometimes shaming: reimagining relationships with education research participants

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1Learning on the run: traveller education for itinerant show children in coastal and western Queensland
2Struggling for purchase?: what shape does a vocational education and training agenda take within a contemporary university education faculty?
3Engaging pedagogies and facilitating pedagogues: communities of practice among novice online tutors and secondary vocational teachers at the forefront of systemic tensions and change
4Future possibilities for mobile learning technologies and applications at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia: lessons from an academic focus group
5Pedagogies and learning in cooperative and symbolic communities of practice: implications for and from the education of Australian show people
6Promoting lifelong learning partnerships, pathways and andragogies: issues in evaluating and redesigning the postcompulsory teacher education professional experience at The University Of Southern Queensland
7Derrington, C. & Kendall, S. (2004). Gypsy traveller students in secondary schools: culture, identity and achievement. Stoke on Trent, UK and Sterling USA: Trentham Books (ISBN 1 85056 320 8) [Book review]
8Decreasing attrition while increasing diversity: connections and contradictions in transforming marginalisation in an Australian contemporary university
9Creative dissent and constructive solutions: what contributions does Bahktin make to our understanding of transnational education?
10The Principal as change leader and manager in and via the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children