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Assoc Prof Janet Taylor
Learning and Teaching Support Unit LTSU
University of Southern Queensland

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1Learning styles among mature age students: some comments on the approaches to studying inventory (ASI-S)
2Adults returning to study mathematics
3Mathematics for maths anxious tertiary students: integrating the cognitive and affective domains using interactive multimedia
4Identifying at-risk students: is it possible in a tertiary preparation course for adults?
5A web 2.0/web3D hybrid platform for engaging students in e-learning environments
6The use of tablet and related technologies in mathematics teaching
7The evolution of online learning in bridging mathematics at a distance: the tension between learning needs, technological innovation and access restrictions in an Australian regional university
8Writing in groups as a tool for non-routine problem solving in first year university mathematics
9Learning approaches, personality and concepts of knowledge of first-year students: mature-age versus school leaver
10Studying at university: early perceptions and experiences of first year service mathematics students