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Assoc Prof Laurence Johnson
University of Southern Queensland

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  1. Cryptonymic secretion: on the kind-ness of strangers
  2. Spectral machinery (or beyond essence and system)
  3. 'To pay our wonted tribute,' or topical specificity in Cymbeline
  4. Between form and function: history and identity in the blogosphere
  5. Introduction: 'Rapt in secret studies' and emergence in Shakespeare studies
  6. Shakespeare's gifts: self-fashioning, authorising, Stephen Greenblatt
  7. GUI faces/sticky ethics
  8. A ghost of a chance, after all
  9. Nobler in the mind: the emergence of early modern anxiety
  10. Differing returns: on history, bodies and early modern lives

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6Dreaming 'My Death'
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9Face-interface or the prospect of a virtual ethics
10Thinking beyond the brain: embodiment and the psycho-somatic